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Chester Cathedral

Chester Guide

Chester has a history that strectches back over two thousand years and this is evident to any visitor through the many architectural styles, monuments and buildings found in the city.

These include the Roman Amphitheatre, Roman-Saxon Walls, medieval Cathedral and various timbered buildings. With its mainly pedestrianised centre, Chester is popular with shoppers and features the unique "Rows" which are elevated galleries of shops dating to medieval times.

Other attractions include boating on the River Dee, a visit to the Zoo (one of the largest in the UK) and a trip to Chester races. Book a Chester Hotel.

Chester Walls

Chester is the only city in Britain to retain a complete circuit of defensive walls. The north and east sides are the original Roman walls whilst the south and west date to the Anglo-Saxon era. In total they cover approximately 2 miles in length and have four main gateways, Northgate, Watergate, Eastgate and Bridgegate. A tour of Chester Walls will give visitors a view of many of the most famous landmarks in the city.

Chester Cathedral

The original church built on this site was dedicated to Saint Werburgh, an Anglo-Saxon Princess who died in 707. The current Cathedral was founded in 1092 as a Benedictine abbey and remained as such until it was dissolved by Henry VIII, made a cathedral and dedicated to Christ and the Blessed Virgin. The adjacent Bell Tower was finished in 1975 and Chester Cathedral is one of the most complete middle age buildings in the UK today. Website:

Chester Amphitheatre

Chester Roman Amphitheatre was discovered in 1929 during construction work at the adjacent old convent, Dee House. Approximately half has been excavated including the western entrance, arena, and outer walls. The other half is buried under the listed convent. The arena dimensions are thought to be 190 by 160 feet with a spectator capacity of around 7000. A planned road through the site was diverted around the amphitheatre after much local protest.

History of Chester

Founded by the Romans around two thousand years ago, Chester ( Roman name Deva ) was one of the three permanent legionary fortresses in the province of Britain along with Caerleon and York... read more.

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